About Us

Paranormal Project was established in early 2007 by Co-Founders Daniel Hohn and Brad Kilty. With only a camera and flashlight and a vague idea of a haunted house in the area they set out to find said house and ever since then they were hooked, conducting regular ghost hunts at local cemeteries and locations over the next few years. During this time and after hours looking over the internet Dan and Brad teamed up with several other paranormal groups but found that most were lacking one thing, a sense of balance.

Things may or may not be paranormal and most groups only catered to either being a skeptic or someone who took every little bump in the night as a sign of paranormal activity. We believe to conduct a proper investigation you have to be a good mixture of both, you have to take everything as having a reasonable explanation but you have to keep an open mind and on this Paranormal Project was formed.

During 2009 Paranormal Project was introduced to Andrew who was keen on ghost hunting but were not satisfied with the other paranormal groups out there. 2009 also saw Jimmy join up with Paranormal Project after moving to South East Queensland from New South Wales.

Since then we have grown as a group and have had a few new additions to our team over the years, for a current roster of our group please check out our meet the team section of the website.

Everyone in Paranormal Project brings something different to the team, and by doing this we are able to cover all aspects of an investigation. this allows us to gather as much information as possible and deliver and accurate conclusion to an investigation.

We don’t do this for the money

We wish to advise that Paranormal Project is a Not for Profit group.

We ask absolutely no fee whatsoever for our investigations and do not expect any form of donation for our services.

We cannot guarantee any real results from our investigations as the paranormal can be at times one of those grey areas and because of this we feel it is unfair to charge anyone money for something that we cannot guarantee results on. Our group consists of volunteers who give up their free time to do this as we are all wanting to learn more about the paranormal and all we will ask from is your permission to conduct an investigation when possible.



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