“Are you looking for new members?”

We are currently not seeking any new members at the moment and due to insurance purposes we cannot have too many people in the group as our premiums go up. We do however plan local ghost tours. Please keep an eye on our events via our Facebook page or our website.


“I have booked an investigation, what can I expect?”

Not every investigation is black and white and we may approach different investigations in a different way. Commonly we will be in regular contact with you to discuss what it is you are experiencing. We then determine what type of equipment we may need to use. Our psychics may request to do a remote reading of the location. Whilst we ask for as much information as possible our tech team do not advise our psychics of this information.


“What equipment do you use?”

Depending on the circumstances we may only use a specific range of our equipment. If you would like an idea of what we may utilize during our investigation please refer to our Equipment/Gear page. In order for us to use cameras we do require a release form to be signed. This does not mean we share this data or post it on social media. This is purely for insurance purposes.


I think my house is haunted, how much do you charge?

Absolutely nothing. Our services are free of charge.


“Will there be psychics during the investigation?”

Yes, our team is made up of techs and psychics.


“Will contacting a paranormal team make the activity worse after you leave?”

We will try to help as much as possible. We are highly experienced in the paranormal and dealing with different types of hauntings. We cannot make guarantees however we have never been advised of activity getting worse after any of our investigations we have conducted to date.


“What if you don’t find anything on an investigation, I don’t want to waste your team’s time?”

The paranormal can be unpredictable and this is not unusual. We may be required to do multiple visits to a location. This is not a problem for us as we are aware this can occur and is common.







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