Often we get sent images of faces that appear to be ghostly or demonic either in smoke/fire/the clouds etc. But are you truly looking at a ghostly face? You may in fact be experiencing Pareidolia or visual matrixing.

So what is Pareidolia?  This is a psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus being perceived as significant.  In non-technical terms this means the human brain has the tendency to make you think you are seeing faces out of creases and curves, smoke and fire, wind and clouds. Pareidolia involves the mind jumping to conclusions, and shortcutting all of the processes our mind is capable of. Pareidolia can also relate to sound, hidden messages on records played in reverse as an example.

We have included some images as examples of Pareidolia. There is nothing paranormal with these images but your brain will jump to conclusions and assume you are seeing faces.

Whilst there appears to be a third person in the middle, this is actually a result of the low quality image from a cellphone camera


What appears to be a demonic face is simply just rock surface


A face in the clouds

Let’s talk about Visual Matrixing. Matrixing is in many ways a subset of Pareidolia, whilst these 2 terms are not the same thing they explain the same phenomenon. Commonly matrixing is use to explain images/videography and pixilation variances that cause visual anomalies, whilst Pareidolia refers to the entire phenomenon.