Behind the Scenes


Our wireless night vision CCTV cameras allow us to remotely view investigation sessions from base camp. This is particularly useful to monitor a several areas at the same time from a central source.




Kinect Camera

Our most exciting new piece of equipment! This experimental device replicates that of a SLS camera (structured Light Sensor Camera). It maps human shaped figures through special software in stick figure form. In circumstances where we detect a figure on the screen and none of our team members are in view, we start to wonder if there is a possibility that something has manifested.



 Thermal Imaging Cameras

One of the most useful cameras we use during investigations. This camera sees in temperature whether its day or night. It is an excellent tool to identify and pinpoint hot and cold spots and any atmospheric temperature fluctuations that we might feel during an investigation but unable to document. This camera has a number of visual filters to suit any type on investigation and location.




Night Vision Video Cameras

Video Cameras

Paranormal Project use a various range of night vision video camera and as most of our investigations are done at night, we opt for video cameras that are night vision. Ghosts are most prominent at night, night-vision allows us to capture anything out of the ordinary that the naked eye will not be able to see. We also utilize a night vision trail camera to commence recording or image capture when motion is detected.



Full Spectrum Action Cameras

Full Spectrum

Our full spectrum cameras that have been modified by our tech manager to see the full light spectrum. Generally this would render the camera useless for normal function however for paranormal investigators this is exactly what we want. Full spectrum cameras allow us to see from UV to IR (full spectrum) and everything in between. Under IR lights or boosters these cameras are night vision capable.



Digital Cameras
Digital Cameras

Digital Cameras

Digital cameras are one of the main pieces of equipment used by most paranormal groups. The simplest of digital cameras can pick up extraordinary phenomenon although the higher the megapixels a camera has, the more detailed a picture will be. Digital cameras have massive advantages over conventional cameras as you can take massive quantities of photos which can be stored on a memory card then transferred over to a computer or laptop. They also come with different features such as “night-mode” which allows a camera to take clearer pictures at night. The only disadvantage with a digital camera is that it doesn’t come with a negative, like conventional cameras do thus digital photos are able to be modified via photoshop. Paranormal Project often takes photos in sequence of three. This verifies any anomalies that may occur with in the sequence. Often several hundred photos can be taken during an investigation. we spend hours analyzing photos and out of 500 photos we may only find 5 to 10 that are of any value if any.


EVP Detectors

Olympus Audio

Electronic Voice Phenomenon or “EVP” as it is more commonly referred to is when spirit voice or communication is made via a digital method. Paranormal Project mostly uses hand held voice recorders as most EVP’s are on a sound frequency lower than the human ear can listen to but a voice recorder can pick up on. Using sound engineering tools we are able to clear the background distortion and in some cases get very clear results. Higher quality devices such as Olympus tend to pick up the most minute background sounds.



EMF Meters (k-2)

K-2 Meter

An easy way to identify the possibility of a spirit in your presence or a haunted location is the use of an instrument that determines electromagnetic field’s. With this we are able to determine if in fact there is another presence with us and this is usually the best way to find out if there are more earthbound causes to supposed haunted locations. Irregular readings can lead us to believe there may be spiritual activity.




Mel Meter

Mel Meter

Mel Meters work similar to the K2 meter above however instead of showing the readings in lights it shows the electromagnetic fields in numbers. This device also shows us the temperature. We look for spikes in the readings




ITC (Instrumental Trans-Communication)



Instrumental Trans-Communication covers a range of devices and methods that are considered to be experimental in the paranormal field. Some of these devices that Paranormal Project use is an Ovilus, IOvilus, SP7 and EM Pump.An Ovilus and Iovilus is a Digital Dowsing invented device that uses electro-magnetic energy to select words from a database. In conjunction with an EVP session this communication can prove to have some validity. An SP7 or more commonly known as a “Spirit Box” uses a different form of communication known as white noise. Paranormal researchers believe that spirits can communicate through white noise therefore this device does just that. It creates an endless band of white noise using radio frequencies at a fast pace. An EM pump is a device that creates electro magnetic energy which is what Paranormal researchers believe spirits are and require to manifest themselves. This device creates that energy field.



Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors

Paranormal Project use a number of motion sensors during investigations depending on the location and the case. We have sensors that detect vibration such as footprints as well as motion sensors that light up if something triggers. We also use a motion sensor that sounds an alarm if something crosses in front of the sensor.




Paranormal Project M.O.V

Mobile Operations Vehicle

Our newest piece of equipment is our Mobile Operations Vehicle or M.O.V for short. With this we are able to conduct an investigation on the fly which helps us greatly in collecting evidence as we are able to have our tech team outside of the site which negates a lot of outside interference and makes it easier for us to gather credible evidence.The M.O.V is also used to transport all of our equipment and has had the interior completely refurbished especially for our future investigations with a desk and power hookup to monitor our DVR and video recordings and allows us to use our laptops to review evidence in real time.


Thermometer Gun

One of the more effective and easiest ways to determine paranormal activity is to check the temperature. random fluctuations in temperature can be a sign of a spirit as it uses heat from our environment in order to materialise or to simply let you know in the easiest way possible for it to do. This tool also helps us to pinpoint other earthbound explanations to supposed paranormal activity.




Laser Grid

Laser Grid

An effective tool used in conjunction with a video camera or motion detection alarms to capture anomalies that may pass through the grid.  Laser grids can be used to capture potential shadow figures or apparitions.







Also known as a proximity detector a REM-Pod emits a sound when electro-magnetic energy comes into close contact with it. We utilize this device on investigations where we have to cover significant ground. We can hear the device activate from a distance.








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