Ghost Hunting

Regular Ghost Hunts

We frequently hold investigations in known haunted locations throughout South East Queensland and are always looking to find more.

If you have any information regarding a supposed haunted location please forward the details to our email – Any information that can be given would be fantastic.


In recent years ghost hunting has become a more popular subject. From shows such as “Most Haunted” and “Ghost Hunters” it seems that a lot more people are taking an interest in the paranormal now and because of this many people are now a lot more open and free to share their paranormal experiences.

While being a paranormal investigator sounds like an interesting hobby, there are a few things you should know before you head out. We usually recommend if you want to try it out look at doing a ghost tour firstly of a location, these are usually the safest ways to observe how it is all done. Secondly be sure to have respect for the dead, whether you believe or not it is always important to be respectful of the dead, when you enter a haunted location or a cemetery you are invading their territory so it is always best to be respectful polite and be sure to not walk on graves because that cold chill you feel when you do is probably the spirit of the person whose grave your standing on telling you to get off (at least that’s our theory).

The use of Ouija boards and such, without the proper knowledge on how these things work is something we will never recommend anyone doing without the supervision of someone who knows about this subject such as a respected medium or clairvoyant. A Ouija board is like opening the front door of your house and asking everybody in the neighbourhood to come in (on a spiritual view of things of course) the problem is that like in reality you never really know who or what you are letting in so because of this we will never endorse the use of a Ouija board.

For those who wish to pursue this interest further we have drawn up a list of some of the equipment we use during our investigations read more below.

Trespassers will be Prosecuted

Paranormal Project has permission by various city councils in South East Queensland to enter certain cemeteries and other public locations for investigations. We strongly advise that if you intend to try your hand at ghost hunting that you do the research and get the proper permission as alot of cemeteries are closed to the public after 6pm and fines can and will be given for trespassing. It is also advised that if you intend to pursue ghost hunting as a hobby to speak to someone who has experience in this field as there are a lot of do’s and dont’s when it comes to this subject and there are some things better left alone at times.

Furthermore all of our investigations are done with full permission and we will always maintain a level of discretion when it comes to these matters. We realise that not everyone wants to be known as the people who live in a haunted house so any information that we obtain on an investigation will be kept to our group and with your permission some of our contacts if necessary.

While a location you suspect may be haunted and could be abandoned, it is never a good idea to check it out without first of all permission from the owner and secondly without a group of people, not only due to trespassing (which should be reason enough not to) but also due to safety. Abandoned housing can attract things more frightening than spirits and we have heard of a few groups who have come across squatters and people who do not want to be disturbed to put it nicely so for your safety and to keep you getting a huge fine and a criminal record we recommend you always do the right thing and follow the things we have said.



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