Private Investigations

We are always willing to help anyone who may be having issue’s regarding the paranormal and while we will always try to look at the scientific side of things to try and dismiss the paranormal, it does not mean that we do not believe in the paranormal nor will it mean that we will not believe you. However we explore all scenarios whether logical or paranormal. All investigations are FREE of charge.

We highly value people’s privacy and well-being in these matters and handle every investigation with the up-most respect to both the deceased and living.

When contacting us, please include as much detail as possible in the email including:

Remember we do not change at all for our investigations and we will not ask for any form of donation. We fund Paranormal Project ourselves because we are interested in learning more so any opportunity for us to conduct an investigation and learn more is all we ask. We service South East Queensland, areas including the Gold Coast, Tweed, Brisbane, and surrounding area’s.

If you have any questions regarding our team or the paranormal please feel free to contact us.



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