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Co-Founder/Lead Investigator

Daniel has been interested in the paranormal for a number of years but that interest grew into a passion once both Dan and Brad started ghost hunting on a regular basis and Paranormal Project formed. The decision to become a Paranormal Investigator was an easy one for Daniel and he approaches every case with an outlook on the scientific and spiritual side of it.

Daniel Hohn

Daniel Hohn

Q: What would be your scariest paranormal experience?

A: I wouldn’t say that I have had a scary experience with the paranormal, id say more of a interesting experience. I have had had the sensation of someone looking over my shoulder and the feeling of a hand on my shoulder, only to look around and there was no one there. I have also blanked out only to awake tripping over a drain covering.




Co-Founder/Lead Investigator

The year was 1989, I had just turned Six years old and for my birthday that year I was given

Brad Kilty

a gift that would undoubtedly have an effect on me in my adult life. That gift of course was my very first Ghostbusters toy Proton Pack and from that point in time my fate as a ghost hunter was sealed.

After we finished out our final years in high school, Dan and myself were still good friends and as I recall one night while driving around the streets of Broadbeach in Dan’s beaten down Holden VK Commodore, we started discussing rumors and stories about haunted houses and locations around the area. From what little information friends and work colleagues had given us, we collectively decided then and there to go seek out these places, if only to tell our friends we had the nerve to do it, and it was at that point we became unofficial ghost hunters and we founded Paranormal Project.

Our goal then as it still is today was to look at the Paranormal from a scientific and a spiritual standpoint, to be a skeptic before a believer, but to have an open mind to things that perhaps science cannot explain right now, lest we forget, Some 400 years ago the scholars of the time thought the world was flat and I suppose that’s the biggest thing that draws me to ghost hunting is the pursuit of new knowledge on the unknown and the tiny minuscule hope that one day they create real adult ghostbusters proton packs and I can have one of them.


Director of Operations

Tabitha Kilty

Even as a child I’ve been deeply empathetic. I soak in the world around me and it’s been the driving force behind my entire life. I grew up in a semi strict southern Texas church household so thinking anything outside the norm of Christianity was not permitted. However I always felt there was something more to it. As a teenager I began my search for understanding the world of spiritualism as a whole. Researching and respecting all walks of faith including the paranormal. My quest for knowledge and understanding along with my own experiences; be it encounters of my own, those close to me, or having 3 near death experiences, has given me insight to something much greater than ourselves. I never took this any further than just myself until I met my Australian husband, Brad Kilty – co founder of Paranormal Project. I was reluctant to be involved at first as I believe meddling with other people’s lives is a huge and dangerous thing to do. The people that seek us out are desperate for help. The look in their eyes and the deep feelings of desperation, sadness, anger I would feel when we would speak to them about their paranormal issues would scare me. I was not sure that I could be that person to give them the peace they needed. After many experiences with our wonderful team; and countless amounts of feedback from happy clients, I have seen firsthand how what we do is real, and I was all in. Much like my team mates, I am not here for the fame or money. I am here to help others and bring awareness to the thin veil between our world and the world of energy and spiritualism. I feel we can all appreciate the paranormal no matter what God you choose.


Technical Manager

Nadine Menezes

I have been fascinated with the paranormal since I was a young child. Having 3 near death experiences, death and what happens after has always been an interest to me.

I started researching and investigating the paranormal from the age of 15 and I spent some time in amateur groups. I joined a professional group in my early twenties and in addition to that I now also work with Paranormal Project. I am not sensitive or psychic and consider myself to be a skeptic. My goal is to capture evidence digitally whether that be visual or audio. My background in this field is quite technical and I am always looking for a new device to create or test. While I like to experiment with ITC equipment sometimes a good old audio recorder is all you need. I love the diversity in the team with each of us bringing our own special skill to the group.



Briar Ford

I come from a non-religious background with family who have always been very open minded and to some degree interested in the unknown. I believe this is what has driven me to question everything from a very young age and believe me, this has gotten me into trouble more than I would like to admit. So in some aspects I would consider myself quite a skeptic, but from my own experiences I’ve had with the paranormal throughout my life.. this only leads me to question and provide proof as much as possible. My professional journey began with a great team of people and I began working on the technical branch of paranormal investigations. This allows me to ask my questions and provide my proof. I’m really pleased to now be working at Paranormal Project, alongside a whole new team and cannot wait to learn as much as I can, as well as provide my own input.



Mark Mcilroy

Hi, I’m Mark and I’m an investigator with Paranormal Project.  I’ve been with the team since 2010 and absolutely love the family feel we have within the team.

I have had an interest in the paranormal since I was about 4 or 5 years old and have been actively involved in paranormal research for the last 10+ years.   My main forte lies with audio visual and communications gear but I am familiar with almost all forms of electronics.   Along with my knowledge of electronics and technology I also bring my own level of paranormal experiences to the team and with them a driven appetite to capture new evidence or the paranormal while also having the opportunity to be a part of a crew who provide a community service to those who need it.


Linda Klemm

I’ve been an official “ghost hunter” now for about 5 years. I joined Paranormal Project in Feb 2015 as an investigator after leaving another paranormal group based in Brisbane.

My fascination with the paranormal/unexplained was most likely exacerbated by watching tv shows such as The Extraordinary, Dr Who, The Twilight Zone & The X-Files whilst growing up.  I am also a scary movie freak who has possibly watched every creepy movie ever created!

I had my first paranormal experience when I was just 5, and over the years have both seen and felt things that just can’t be explained rationally.

I guess though with age I have become much more of a “skeptical believer”, but love the fact that we have some amazing equipment that can (and has) captured real evidence.  I really relish in the opportunities and experiences that being part of this team can bring.  The best thing about being a paranormal investigator is the fact that it can be both exciting and scary all at the same time.



My name is Caitlin, I have been involved in the world of paranormal investigations for over 7 years now. When I first started out I was super skeptical however that was until I understood how the technical side of this all worked. My fascination grew and I have worked with a couple of Paranormal groups since.

My main goal is to work out every possible way to debunk possible evidence and think outside the box. It’s when I am unable to debunk something, that leaves me scratching my head.


Psychic/Spiritual Director

Lynne Heuermann

Lynne has always had a keen interest in the Supernatural, Paranormal, Death, Dying and the Afterlife. Even as a child she never feared death and always had a strong sense of the Afterlife.  She believes there is much more around us than what we can perceive physically, and through this has gained insight into the workings of the energy around her which she now uses during paranormal investigations.  Lynne also believes that we are all here on this planet to learn and keep evolving as spirits.  You’ve heard the saying, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience – we are spiritual beings having a human experience”.  Therefore there is no death, we just transition into a different form.  Unfortunately some souls can get confused while transitioning and can end up stuck between the realms of the living and the dead.  These poor souls are what we call ghosts.  Lynne has the ability to communicate with these spirits and can then assist them in making their transition into the light.


Psychic/ Director of Marketing and Media

Michelle Price

My name’s Michelle Price. I’ve been with Paranormal Project since around 2012. Before me, Paranormal Project used to call in a sensitive when they needed one, so I became PP’s first full time sensitive.

I’ve been seeing and communicating with ‘dead people’ since I was a kid.  I decided to join PP after staying in a very haunted townhouse in New York in 2011. After having each of the spirits tell me their stories and why they were there I wanted to know more. So I gave PP a call and the rest is history.

My main role in the team is to do a remote reading before we head out to a place to do a physical investigation. So I travel there with my astral body and see if there really are spirits hanging around and determine if they’re earthbound or not and how sinister they might be.

Privately I’m very interested in crystal healing, angel card readings and Reiki healing.




Nicky is a natural born Psychic, Visionary and Medium and a direct universal communicator. As a child, Nicky had the ability to connect, communicate and interactive with those in spirit.  Nicky is able to connect with the energies of Spirit Guides, passed Loved Ones and Animals.   Nicky is very passionate about the work that she does with spirit. I believe I was given this gift to heal, to inspire and to help people realise that not only are they not alone, but these beautiful beings of light are very much real. I aim to bring closure, understanding and healing from spirit for those who seek it and this is my gift to you.  I am here for spirit and for those left behind.




My name is Hailey and I have Clairsentience, which is the ability to feel things such as the the moods or emotions of a person or space.

My interest in the paranormal began at a young age when I would hear “things”whispering in my ear at night when I was trying to sleep.
These experiences developed over the years to full blown apparitions.
One of which was my own Poppy who appeared to me in person after his death.
As a result I always found that I gravitated towards the spooky and unknown. I’m always looking for answers to the things I can feel and sometimes see.
My passion for the unexplained has enveloped my entire life. As a child I would watch movies and would spend countless hours reading books on the paranormal. As a teen I delved into the darker side of the paranormal, as all of us do. As an adult I realised I’m sensitive and that all of the spooky happenings were not coincidental but perhaps had a purpose or reason.
I can often be found on my weekends exploring haunted locations such as Boggo Road, researching locations or watching paranormal documentaries.
I am passionate about proving that the paranormal is real and that it is more than myth and legend.



Anna has been drawn to the supernatural and paranormal having experiences with spirit as a child that nobody could explain. Born in the UK and immigrating to Australia at a teen, Anna comes from a long line of intuitive women, her grandmother was a Romany Gypsy some call white witches or Clairsentient people.  Anna’s Clairsentient ability allows her to feel and experience the energy in an intuitive and heightened way. This energy stream includes other people’s feelings alive or dead, auras, psychometry the ability to tune into inanimate objects and the ability to receive spiritual and symbolic messages and insight in to people and places past and present. This ability has led her to a career in supporting people for over 15 years as a qualified counselor.

Anna has a deep affinity with nature, healing and a keen interest in quantum physics’, Anna aims to provide spiritual insight and closure to people experiencing paranormal activity and to those lost souls who need guidance to cross over.




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