Friday 28th October 2017

Rooms – Briar, Brad and Hailey

Outdoors – Tabitha, Michelle, Nadine

Tour 1

Hailey – “Immediately upon entering the hallway heading towards room 10 with the guests, I had feelings of tightness in my chest and I was short of breath.” Upon entering room 10 the room felt like it had two parts. The bedroom portion felt light except for fluctuations in temperature. The step down in into the lounge and TV area was a different feeling it felt heavier and like a different room within the room.

Brad had previously had an encounter with a spirit child named Emily so the team tried to communicate with Emily in the rooms. The motion light was triggered several times by the bed. Guests reported that they felt quite hot when standing beside the bed in the doorway to the entry door.

Hailey notices a tall shadow figure standing in the arch of the staircase from the lounge area up to the bedroom area. At this stage the Ovilus said “soldier” which was repeated in the tours to follow.

The other half of the group joined Nadine down at the well and the garden behind the rooms.

Nadine – “It was a long walk down to the well which passes through the garden. Once we got to the entrance to the well several guests reported feeling creeped out in the garden and seeing spikes on the Mel meter and the K2. One guest advised feeling sick walking past the garden before we made it to the gate.”

We used the spirit box to attempt the initial communication stage and we did hear a male and a female voice which continuously came through. Nothing we can class as solid evidence. Due to the lack of evidence we made our way back to the garden. At the garden we split in 2 and we had a guest report feeling something quickly run part their feet.

On our way back to the gazebo another guest was asking questions and getting responses on the Mel meter in the form of significant spikes in the readings.


Tour 2

From the start of this tour the activity ramped up quite a bit. Hailey reported seeing constant movement in the lounge area. We noted upon entering the room that the air conditioner had turned back on (it was turned off during the previous tour).

Some of the guests noted that one of the decorations above them were twirling, at this stage Brad asked that the male spirit move the second decoration and right on cue the second decoration twirled quickly.

We were having issues with the Ovilus which would repeat words like it was out of control.

Hailey – “Brad started to complain of pains in his back firstly you could tell he was agitated by them and they gradually appeared to get worse. I mentioned it sounded similar to what I was feeling. I began to feel quite threatened by the male spirit and I was a little concerned for Brad. I noticed the spirit was moving a lot more at this stage and was almost appearing as a full body dark figure. Brad then became quite overwhelmed with pain and moved to the lounge room area. I felt very concerned at Brad standing near that area whether that was just general concern but I definitely felt threatened.”

On the way down to the well guests reported to Nadine that they had readings on the Mel and K2’s on the way down to the well, specifically around the garden area. At the entrance to the well the team split to try get activity. Nadine – “I was standing in-between 2 female guests when I suddenly heard a deep exhale. I turned around quickly and so did the two guests. There was no one behind us but we all heard it.”

We turned on the spirit box and we had a lot more communication through it this time around than the earlier tour. We returned back to the garden and as soon as we got past the gate, the guest holding the thermal camera notices movement at the top of the garden. We can all see this in real time, which appeared to be a figure moving back and forth at the top of the garden. I challenged the group to see if anyone was game to investigate what we were seeing. 2 guests took on the challenge and walked up to where the figure was. It was still there moving around them. They reported feeling chills and the area was cold.


Saturday 29th October 2017

Rooms – Briar, Brad, Anna and Lynne

Outdoors – Tabitha, Michelle, Nadine, Linda, Anna and Hailey

Tour 1

Lynne – “As soon as the first group came everyone started feeling anxious, overwhelmed, sweaty palms, and palpitations.  A male spirit came through and stated his name was Jim, and he died in some sort of disaster”

We were asking questions and receiving responses on the K2 meter. We didn’t ask the question but believe this may be Emily’s father Jim Curtis. One of the ladies, while sitting in the lounge area suddenly felt very cold on her right hand side and felt like someone was sitting right next to her stroking her face and had their face in her face (this we believe was Emily as most of the group was sensing a little girl). It got so cold around this lady that the lady sitting beside her felt cold down her right side as well.  During this time Brad was pointing the thermo’s at two different spots near this lady and there was a 3-4 degree difference in temperatures.

We had a guest report that she felt a tingling sensation down her right side and her fingers felt cramped.  She also got a hot spot in her lower back and was sweating profusely in that area.

The outside group had to change the schedule of the night as the horses on the property made their way to entrance to the well. Whilst Nadine was sorting the gate out with the owner, Hailey, Linda and the guests decided to commence the investigation in the Garden.

Linda – “one of the ladies felt that something was touching her leg at the top of the garden, no sooner did she mention this to us, the infrared camera and tablet that she was holding appeared to be knocked out of her hands (and the casing it was held in) smashing to the ground.”

After some time we were able to make our way down to the well. Nadine – “Unlike the day before, the walk down to the well was particularly uncomfortable. It felt like something was watching us the entire way down and didn’t want us there”

A number of guests reported hearing footsteps behind them and to the side when no one was there. The spirit box was particularly chatty. Hailey reported seeing a large black figure in the bushes by the well.


Tour 2

One of the ladies in one of the later groups felt quite overwhelmed while we were communicating in the bedroom area.  She decided to go and sit in the lounge area and stated she was burning up and felt really weird.  Lynne – “I went and sat with her and she said she was ok but clearly she wasn’t.  I said there are probably spirits around her wanting to communicate but she felt she couldn’t.  She came for a clearing at the end of the night and stated it was an amazing experience and she was feeling much better.”

Compared to the last group, the activity in the room was not as active.

Anna – “Whilst awaiting to start the outdoor tour, my camera would not function properly. Although it normally functions fine. The camera would not click quickly and took a long time between the first 10 photos.”

Anna joined the outside team – walking towards the well area a male customer brushed past me, I then heard my name being called but the person who brushed pass me did not say anything.  It was a mans voice”

There seemed to be more sensitive people that were picking up on a little girl in the garden for this tour. There was a lot of device malfunctions which was either due to battery drainage or malfunction whilst in the garden.

Linda – “Interestingly enough, when I mentioned this male spirit (possibly a soldier) to the second group on the way down to the well, they confirmed that from the session that they just came from with Brad in the room, the Ovilus came up with the words “Jim” “soldier” “boots” and “outside”. 


Wrap up

All in all it was a fantastic 2 days of investigating. See you all next year!