Loma Linda is located on the south east side of Brisbane in the suburb of Cleveland. Paranormal Project was lucky enough to go through twice on separate nights.

Loma Linda was built in the early 1930’s as a farm house for a local family. Later it was converted into a hospital and expanded to accommodate the growing number of patients and was decommissioned in early 2001. It is believed the hospital went through several different owners including an apparent cult. It is believed patients were exposed to electro therapy and some believe patients were also bathed upon the roof. Unfortunately very little information has been found to confirm the information that has been retrieved.

Loma Linda also has a personal affect on one of our investigators. Andrew’s aunt was a patient here during the late 1990’s and unfortunately died under mysterious circumstances. During our first visit we unfortunately did not find much activity to warrant the premises as haunted. Although psychics that were on scene did pick up the presence of an elderly lady, no scientific evidence could be ascertained.

On our second visit we set up video cameras and voice recording equipment in the old nurses quarters which have had reports of paranormal activity. whilst these were recording, we checked out the main hospital. A few orbs were picked up on camera and our guest mediums picked up the presence of the elderly lady again, No out of the ordinary experiences were recorded. On retrieval of the video and voice recording equipment, strange noises (bangs and knocks) were picked up on the voice recorders. Unfortunately as there was a couple living in the next unit, we had to dismiss this evidence as human interference.

As of late we can conclude that Loma Linda isn’t classed as haunted as the evidence collected doesn’t support the theory.