We were called out to a property in the Redlands City, Alexandra Hills. Due to the activity we experienced during this investigation, the layout of this case study will be different to previous ones.

The following complaints presented by the client included:

  • Feelings of confusion and anxiety when entering the house
  • Noises such as scratching and tapping on the wood floors
  • Noises coming from the children’s play area and laundry room downstairs
  • Feelings of fear when in certain parts of the house
  • Being woke in the middle of the night by laughter and noises not made by the children
  • Children being scared to enter the play room for no reason
  • Daughter talking to thin air
  • Daughter waking with night terrors and sleepwalking and talking

We got an urgent call from this client who was at her wits end with whatever it was she was dealing with. She knew something was just not right and felt her only choice was to call us. When we scheduled the investigation we started with a confirmed crew of 10. By the time we headed to the site of the investigation we were down to 4. It’s not uncommon for a member or two to have to drop out of an investigation due to life; however to have 6 drop out on the day of because of sudden illness or strange occurrences is unusual. Although strange; we did not think more of it until the 4 of us arrived at the location at reported that we all had a difficult time getting to the residence and feelings of anxiety.

  • Lynne – Reported that she was suffering from a massive headache all day and was stuck in massive traffic that kept her from arriving at the location for hours after the arranged time. And when she got close to the house for some reason her GPS re-routed her down a different street away from the house.  “I felt like whatever was in the residence did not want me to be there. Then when I first entered the home I felt an overwhelming heaviness and nausea, and my headache became worse (this is after taking analgesia).  The energies felt very intense and negative.”
  • Nadine – “I like to think of myself as a skeptic, I go into an investigation trying to capture solid technical evidence. The moment I walked into this residence my anxiety levels were through the roof! I physically felt ill. It has been a very long time since I have been affected in this manner on an investigation.
  • Tabitha – “Nadine and I rode together and experienced what we thought was normal traffic until our GPS started re-routing us to strange out of the way locations off the highway. It was as if the GPS kept trying to get us to turn around. We ended up having to turn it off until we got a little closer. Upon entering the house; I immediately felt anxious. My solar plexus was giving off that sick tingly vibe and there was a thickness in the air of the home. I was very uncomfortable.”  
  • Briar – Briar was also experiencing unusual obstacles on the way to the house, and at one point even had a car start driving down the wrong side of a one way street right at her. She felt the same anxiety the rest of us felt and had something in the back of her mind telling her not to go.

As Tabitha and Nadine were the first to arrive, they wasted no time in getting setup. Within minutes of turning on the voice recorder to start the client interview we all heard a noise at the bottom of the stairs near the kid’s playroom. It sounded like the tapping of animal claws scratching a wood floor. It was loud enough that all of us stopped talking and looked in that direction at the same time. The client informed us that no one else was in the house and there were no pets in the house as well. Nadine went to investigate the noise while Tabitha proceeded with the interview.

  • Tabitha – “Even though I continued with the interview; I felt pressure creeping up the back of my neck and I suddenly felt very nauseous and one step from throwing up. The client could see I was uncomfortable and said she felt the same way. When Nadine came back from investigating the noise and placing equipment we noticed that she looked unwell. She was so pale in the face; the client and I were concerned and pointed out that she was completely void of color and looked like she was about to pass out. Her eyes were also severely bloodshot as if she had been crying. When asked if she felt ok she said she just felt a little drained. I’ve never seen Nadine physically respond this way on an investigation before.
  • Nadine – “I will note that when I left the house to meet Briar outside, the anxiety and nausea I was experiencing disappeared. As soon as I entered the house the feelings returned.”

This is also the first investigation in a very long time where the activity started almost immediately. We captured EVP’s during our client interview prior to our equipment being fully setup.


From a technical perspective:

As we were shorthanded; we decided to investigate with no base camp. In teams of 2 we split our investigation to upstairs and downstairs. We placed the game camera in the children’s play area with a full spec camera filming the door and the stairway. We also placed a full spec in the master bedroom.

In relation to evidence we captured amazing EVP’s. Majority of these were taken during our client interview prior to our investigation even starting. We started rolling our second audio recorder downstairs after we heard violent scratching sounds from the lounge room.

EVP 1 – 1 minute into our client interview we hear this growl. The clients have no animals and we have recording of the neighbours dog barking and you can hear this in the distance however this growl is extremely loud and close to the recorder.


EVP 2 –This clip sounds like faint female whispering to us. Both Tabitha and our client reference hearing something at the time later in the audio to this moment. We hear “does that matter”


EVP 3 – Due to all of us hearing scratching downstairs this audio was captured on the additional audio recorder placed downstairs. We hear “Coward”


EVP 4 – We are unsure on this one however several of us believe this is a mocking laugh


EVP 5 – Probably the clearest EVP we have captured on this investigation. We hear “I’ll get ya”


EVP 6 – We aren’t sure on what this one says, if you can make it out let us know. We hear “dawn” “dorne”

We did capture several clips on the Kinect however the device malfunctioned towards the end of the night and we were unable to save or recover the files.


From a spiritual perspective:

Main Bedroom: Just after I entered the main bedroom I heard a scratching sound on the timber floor like dogs claws.  I looked up towards the door and saw nothing and just assumed the owners had a dog.  I thought it was strange though because if the dog was walking around on the timber floor you would continually hear the dog’s claws scratching on the surface.  I only heard it the one time!  I opened my eyes suddenly and there, standing in the doorway was a huge black dog with glowing red eyes.  As soon as I looked at it, it vanished.  I then felt like I got hit in the Solar Plexus, and something was draining all my energies.  I got a sense that there were approximately 10 earthbound spirits at the location and an entity.  The entity was the one holding the earthbound spirits at the location.

Here are some of the personalities I connected with.

  • Richard, an English gentleman, very well dressed in an old fashioned suit and bowler hat. He was smiling a lot but didn’t really have a much to say.
  • Charlotte was a young lady in her mid-twenties, and the time period was early 1900’s. She had a very vibrant personality, and came from a good family, but, she fell in love with an aboriginal.  This was considered taboo at that time.  I wasn’t given the details of their death but believe it as due to the racial prejudice of those around them.
  • Samantha, a 7 year old girl, she died from an illness, query food poisoning. She was the one making everyone feel sick at the location.
  • 5 year old little boy, did not want to communicate. He was sitting on the stair rail watching us and when I spoke to him he disappeared.
  • Maree Smith, died in 1878. She came to speak with myself and Tabby in the main bedroom, and she was very nervous while connecting and kept looking over her shoulder, like she had to be careful.  She was wearing a long dress with an apron in front, and puffy sleeves (very old fashioned).  I asked her about the entity, and at that very same time both Tabby and I felt a huge wave of negative energy hit us and Maree disappeared. – At this time Tabby asked me to stand up next to the bed I was sitting on and the Kinect mapped a figure lying on the bed next to where I had been sitting.
  • There was a spirit who died from a tree felling accident, she went to see her husband who was completing the job and inadvertently got into the way of the falling tree and it landed on her head, crushing her. She was the one who was causing the terrible headaches to those who entered.

The rest of the rooms seemed ok as I connected with most of the spirits from the main bedroom.  The other place that issues was the kid’s playroom.  This was the entities space.  As soon as I walked in there it was overwhelmingly oppressive, I felt down and wanted to cry, then felt angry and frustrated, and the whole time I was in this space the entity was pushing against my energy trying to overpower me.  This was its way of attempting to mess with my thoughts and emotions, and to keep me busy so I wouldn’t move it on.  This is where we decided to clear the house from as this was ‘the nest’. As soon as I sat down to begin the clearing I felt the entity all around me and I could also see the black dog standing in the corner (not sure if it was in fact two entities or if it was showing me its different forms).  It took a while but eventually the entities left the premises.  After that I was able to connect with the earthbound spirits again to move them on.  About three of them were so happy they literally ran straight into the light once I opened it, so I didn’t actually connect with them and get any of their information.  The ones I mentioned above have also all moved on into the light.

After Thoughts:

  • We received word from the client a day later asking for advice on what to tell her young daughter. She was distraught and refused to go to sleep because she was worried about her friend “Sammy”. She stated that Sammy’s mother made her sick and that she had nowhere else to go and we should have let her stay. As Lynne noted in her write up “Samantha, a 7 year old girl, she died from an illness, query food poisoning. She was the one making everyone feel sick at the location.”  We never met the client’s daughter and she was not in the house when we performed the investigation. We believe the daughter had connected to “Sammy” and became friends with her.
  • Tabitha – “When we left the house, all of us expressed that we felt extremely drained. The next day I felt so incredibly exhausted and disoriented. I found out later that day that Nadine and Briar felt the same way all day. I believe the entity and Lynne had been drawing off our energy we were spiritually tapped.”
  • We did capture several clips on the Kinect however the device malfunctioned towards the end of the night and we were unable to save or recover the files. The Kinect worked fine when Nadine got it home.

           o  Tabitha – “It’s a shame we lost all of our Kinect footage. I was able to map         a figure sitting on the stair railing dangling its feet near where the clients were sitting. I was able to recreate this mapping several times with and without the clients sitting in the frame.”  

           o   Briar – “When Lynne was sitting in the middle of the room trying to clear the dark entity, the Kinect mapped blue streaks shooting out of Lynne’s forehead and then broke into tiny little dots that danced around her. It was unreal and nothing I’ve ever seen before.” The Kinect died shortly after that experience and all the footage from the entire investigation was lost.