Paranormal project received an urgent call from help on the Gold Coast. The family had moved out of their residence due to claims of paranormal activity. Our clients claimed they would hear various knocking and unusual noises from the bedroom and out in to the hallway. Feelings of anxiety and being watched as well as unexplained noises and an uncomfortable vibe from the ensuite bathroom. One of the children claimed to see someone sitting in the lounge.

From a technical perspective

Our techs on site were Nadine and Linda. We setup the thermal camera with the night vision in the lounge room where a young girl claimed to have seen a figure sitting on the couch. We setup 2 full spectrum cameras in the master bedroom as well as the trail camera.

We initially placed the RemPod between the entrance of the master and the bathroom. We attempted to use it during our EVP sessions but we received no hits on this device.

We utilized our motion triggered game camera. Linda setup the Kinect in the master room whilst we conducted several EVP sessions.

Following some guidance from our psychics on the night and the overall uncomfortable feeling in the master room we repositioned the thermal camera into this area instead.

We captured a couple of unusual things we would like to note. Nadine could hear heavy breathing in her ear several time over the Dictaphone with the earphones on. When we match this to video we cannot hear this. Linda picked up several anomalies on the Kinect camera. Take a look for yourself:

From a psychic perspective

Our psychics on the night were Lynne, Nicky and Anna. Whilst Anna conducted the client interviews Lynne and Nicky started their walk through.

Nicky “As I entered the apartment, I immediately felt anxiety, confusion heaviness. I felt tired and all over the place.”

In the master bedroom it felt like a whirlpool of energy and emotions. The wardrobe and bathroom were cold, heavy and strange and we found ourselves having to sit down as a feeling of exhaustion was present. Mediums sensed a variety of mixed emotions, as an older lady in spirit came forward (Mary) with an overwhelming feeling of sadness and fear. After Mary came forward, we then met a young man (spirit) who stated that he wasn’t happy and he was angry. He made us feel like he was sexually provocative. The overall feeling in the master bedroom was heaviness, anger and negativity, sadness and tiredness and massive anxiety.

Moving to the lounge Room we found it was actually very calm and we came across the client’s grandfather, Jack (in spirit) who was a calming influence on our client.

The bathroom, laundry and kitchen areas were all clear.

In the daughter’s playroom we met the spirit of a little girl who had been playing with the client’s daughter, this little spirit was not causing any issues.

Conclusion: Mediums gathered in the master bedroom and all spirits were moved on.  We then provided the client some tools to move forward and live in their house comfortably.