Probably one of the more popular urban legends to locals on the Gold Coast is that there used to be an old mental asylum up in the Tallebudgera Valley from around the 1920s – 1930’s and after it was closed the building remained there for close to 20 years before the building was demolished and the land was built upon. The theory behind this was that it was built out in the valley so it was more further away from civilisation. After finding out the location of the site Paranormal Project set out to find the truth behind this.

Upon investigating this location we soon realised that the story was just that, a story. Speaking to a member of the staff at the new location the history of the mental asylum was quickly debunked and a more realistic but not quite so horrific background on the location was given. Due to privacy reasons we cannot publish the whereabouts of this location as the owners have had trouble in the past with trespassers which has led to an upgrade of security on the premises. The photo’s we have to the right are a little dated and due to trespassers security was installed so the gates are no more. It is interesting though how a set of iron gates can create such fear and start a story that many people believed to be real. For this reason, many paranormal groups often set out to debunk myths and legends in order to get the truth.

This was classed as a urban legend, but a couple of photos taken at the location were a bit odd and could be of a paranormal nature.